TecDoc mySQL

TecDoc mySQL

Latest mySQL versions of TecDoc Spare parts catalogue

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What is TecDoc?

Spare parts catalogue with vehicle and article information from around the world.
The TecDoc offers current and comprehensive data for the identification and provision of parts – in a standardised data format. Our catalogue provides workshop professionals with comprehensive vehicle identification information and allows the appropriate selection of vehicle spare parts.

The official release of 2Q 2019 is scheduled for 03.23.2019. Now you have a chance to participate in the pre-sale. The cost of the database before 03.20.2019 is $500 or 430 euros. After the official release, the price will be $800 or 700 euros. The cost of subsequent updates-50% discount from the release price. Regardless of the date of purchase of the release, the actual receipt will be carried out automatically after 03.23.2019.

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What you get in TecDoc mySQL database?

Articles: 5 506 581
Cross-reference:  74 874 232
OE numbers: 23 254 910
Article parts: 2 454 831
EAN13 barcodes: 2 904 583
Part`s images: 5 254 109
Car makers: 380 (706)
Vehicle models: 6 555 (14 240)
Vehicle modifications: 29 428 (68 339)
Commercial vehicle modifications: 19 039 (20 808)
Moto modifications: 6 343 (7 504)
Parts manufacturers: 678
Database ZIP: 81.3 Gb, images ZIP: 82 Gb

You can download two versions of database: SQL and CSV
On FTP you`ll find also additional instructions about importing data to your mySQL server.

On FTP you`ll find php-class with all basic sql-queries to construct web catalogue in few hours.
Our support is 24/7 online and will always help you with using DB.

TECDOC 2Q 2019

Cost of database: $500/470EUR per 1 language before 03.20.2019

$800/700EUR per 1 language after 03.23.2019