TecDoc mySQL

TecDoc mySQL

Latest mySQL versions of TecDoc Spare parts catalogue

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TECDOC 2Q 2019 mySQL


Using the experience of previous releases of the database, starting from 2017, our specialists have significantly changed the structure of the database and methods of data storage that as a result led to the growth of the speed of the queries up to 3 times.

Release 2Q 2019 is available in: Deutsch, English (Gb), Français, Italiano, Español, Nederlands, Dansk, Svenska, Norsk, Suomi, Magyar, Português, Russian, Slovenčina, Čeština, Polski, Ελληvικά, Română, Türkçe, Hrvatski, Srpski, Chinese, Blgarski, latviešu, lietuvių, Eesti, slovenski, English (USA), English (aus), Icelandic, português (br), Ukrainian.

the Structure of the database is built in such a way that you can have as many languages as You need in one database at the same time.

in Addition to the database included in the release archive of images, structured in the following way: /brandName/articleNumber/articleNumber.jpg and also, archive of media materials in PDF formats, etc., structured in a similar way to photos of articles.

Release 2Q 2019 includes PNG icons of car manufacturers, icons of car components, icons of types of spare parts. In addition, almost every car model has a corresponding icon on a transparent background in high resolution.

To quickly deploy the catalog to the Web, the release includes a ready-made set of programs in PHP. Once the database is deployed on the mySQL server, in the php-directory settings file, you must specify the username, password, database name and address of the mysql-server). The catalog code is fully open and on its basis, You can create absolutely any complexity web catalog of cars and spare parts.

the Procedure for updating 2Q 2019 and all subsequent releases is fully automated and will not require the participation of programmers. Both the installation and the update will be able to cope with a person with basic knowledge in the field of web development.

Also on FTP You will find:
1. Full documentation with a description of each table and each field of the database, sample queries.
2. Images, PDFs, 360 degrees media, youtube links and etc. 3. 12Gb of Studio photos of spare parts without watermarks, sorted by folders with the brand name.
4. Two types of car images (white car, transparent background and colored car with white background).

as a bonus, each buyer 2Q 2019 provided, paid for 3 month api-key to VIN-decoder on the server partsapi.ru. On partsapi.ru you will need to register and report the received login Your Manager chat technical support or email info@autodatabases.ru

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What you get in TecDoc mySQL database?

amBrand 719
amBrandsAddress 668
articleCriteria 64265600
articleCrosses 21576496
articleEAN 3003271"
articleLinks 301513
articlePdfs 508353
articles 8247097
articlesVehicleTrees* 81044867
axleBodyType 19405
axleBrakeSizes 70
bodyMark 50506
bodyMarkCarIds 46396
cars 665919
carsBodies 91786
countries 1494
countryGroups 24
genericArticles 20196769
genericArticlesGroups 8556
languages 39
legacy2generic 5670121
manufacturerMotorIds 26053
manufacturers 1475
modelSeries 23825
motorDetails 26053
oemNumbers 87937922
replacedByArticles 757122
replacesArticles 772867
shortCuts 89
tradeNumbers 4691140
vehicleAxles 1510443
vehicleDetails 91786
vehicleMotorCodes 87889
vehicleProtoTypes 72212
vehicleSecondaryTypes 2444
vehicleTrees 25399488
vehicleWheelBases 64222

* updating in progress

Import is fully automated by means of bash/cmd scripts that will create the necessary tables in the database and fill them with the relevant data.

On FTP you`ll find php-class with all basic sql-queries to construct web catalogue in few hours.
Our support is 24/7 online and will always help you with using DB.

TECDOC 2Q 2019

Cost of database:
770 EUR per 1 language release


We guarantee a full refund in case of non-compliance of the data provided by the declared.